Agave Tequilana - A Documentary About Tequila (2019)
Director & Editor Miguel Barbosa
Creative Director & Producer Dario Barbosa

Blind Arcade (2017)
Director & Editor Miguel Barbosa
Story Christine Sherry
Producer Jacob Morris
Director of Photography & Colourist Ryan C. Glover
Starring Michaela Kurimsky, Corey Wadden
Art Director Allison Zwicker
Assistant Director Dave Provost
Assistant Camera Aaron McMurtry
Costume Designer Cristina Barbosa
Music & Post Sound Production Sasha Szlafarski
Sound Recordist Andrew Chung, Sasha Szlafarski
Voiceover Recordist Salvatore Sam Guaiana

7 Days Of Puerto Vallarta (2017)
Director, Editor, Narrator Miguel Barbosa